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National Audit of Dementia
Staff Questionnaire
Fourth round of audit

The following questionnaire has been developed to assess how well staff feel they are supported to provide good quality care/support to inpatients with dementia/possible dementia. If your job role means you never interact with any such patients in the hospital then you have received this questionnaire in error and you do not need to complete it.

When answering the questions you should think specifically about people you care for/support who have dementia/possible dementia.

Each question has a range of responses. Please select the response which best describes your experience/how you feel. Some questions will not be applicable to all hospital staff and these questions have options to allow you to indicate they do not apply to you in your role.

All questions (apart from those labelled as optional) are mandatory and you will not be able to submit the questionnaire without answering them. Please note the page error box in the top left hand corner of your browser as this will update with any errors that need to be corrected before you are able to submit the questionnaire.

Please use the comment boxes at the end of sections to make any comments on the questions or to expand on your answers.

The questionnaire is anonymous, responses are sent directly to the National Audit of Dementia Project Team at the Royal College of Psychiatrists and reporting will not identify you in any way. A full bibliography for the standards in this audit can be found at

After you have completed the questionnaire, you will be given the opportunity to enter a prize draw to win one of five
£50 vouchers for a high street store of your choosing. Please note the instructions at the end of the questionnaire if you wish to be entered. Your answers to the questionnaire cannot be linked to the information you provide on the prize draw page.
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Enter your hospital code:

If you do not know this, please stop and find out before completing the form. Do not submit the form without the correct hospital code - we will have to discard it. This is the code allocated by the project team and is held by the audit lead contact in your hospital. It will consist of 2 letters and 2 numbers, e.g. XY11. If you do not know the hospital code, please get in touch with the audit lead from your hospital OR contact the NAD project team on 020 3701 2681/2707.